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Do you offer your running + fast walking programs in my neighbourhood?

Most likely yes. We are here for you across the island of Montreal and Laval as well as much of the North and South Shore.

What is a "Fast" pack walk exactly?

It means we walk, but we walk real fast, we are also purposely on the look out for interesting terrain and hilly streets to round out your dog’s fitness base.

Is running an alternative to dog walking?

Partially. The main benefit of dog walking services is the social interaction that it provides and the pee break. If you already use the services of a dog walker we recommend supplementing your existing services with a running program for your dog.

How much running can my dog do?

It depends on your dog, how in shape he is, how old he is and his breed. A young husky can enjoy running for hours and hours a day, a great dane on the other hand is a different story . We will evaluate your dog’s needs at our initial meet and greet.

At what age should my dog start running?

Your dog should be older than 9 months before he starts running with us. If you have a giant breed, he should generally be older than 18 months.

Where will you take my dog?

Depends on where you live. We want your dog to have fun running and get exposure to a variety of different places.  If you live anywhere near downtown Montreal, we will likely start or arrive at places like the Lachine canal and Mont-Royal park. If you live in a busy area we will run where it is safe.

How many dogs do you run at a time?

As we are customizing your dogs run to his abilities and we want to ensure that the runs are done safely, we take 2 dogs of comparable abilities at a time. Under exceptional circumstances (for example you have three dogs, or a good match exists for an existing couple, but he doesn’t have any other good matches) and only with the permission of all of the owners we may take three at a time.

Can you provide references?

Yes at our initial meet and greet we will provide you with a list of references that you are free to contact.

Do you charge sales tax?

Yes Quebec law requires that we charge sales tax on all of our services.

My dog has arthritis can I still use your services?

Generally, a light jog a couple of times per week can help alleviate and delay your dog’s arthritis. Additionally, introducing exercise will help your senior dog attain a healthier body weight and his heart will work more efficiently which allows all of his body’s systems to benefit.  Please also always discuss your dog’s exercise plan with your vet.