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Your dog has a little too much energy?

Here are some approaches for dealing with a high energy dog


A lot of hyper activity can be due to dogs feeling social isolation. Especially if you are leaving your dog alone during the day, it’s extremely important to get your dog some social time with other people and dogs.  Take your dog with you whereever you go as much as possible. Get out to parks and dog parks, take him to the kid’s soccer game, bring your dog to your friends when you go over for dinner, take your dog to the dog food store, have a coffee with your dog at a doggie café (See below for places to go).

Avoid hyperactivity-inducing games

A big one is tug of war with the leash, or other toys. Although tug of war can be good exercise, it revs up your dog and can be a challenge to your leadership. Dogs that believe they are or need to be the leader are more anxious and more hyperactive as a result.

Give him outlets for his energy

Make sure your dog is getting enough physical activity, take him on vigorous walks and or runs, or hire a local Montreal Dog Walker or Dog Walkers. You can also make having serious sessions of catch a regular fun exercise activity.

Ever tried flyball or agility training? It’s an amazing work out for your dog and a great way to meet other dog owners (see links below for places in and around Montreal).

Give your dog a job by saddling him with a vest to carry water bottles on your walks. It transfers his focus to a task, and leaves less time and room for him to focus on battling you for leadership on your walks and / or chasing squirrels.

Ignore unwanted / hyperactive behavior 

Your dog wants your attention, giving him attention when he is having an overly hyper moment will encourage the exact behavior that you do not want.

Use the five minute rule when you come home, which means don’t pay too much attention to your dog for the first five minutes that you come home. Avoid excitedly petting and talking to him on your arrival.

Check out your own energy 

Is it possible that you are projecting overly excited or anxious energy on to your dog? Dogs take the lead from you, do what you need to do a have a calm presence. Dogs will have trouble accepting you as leader if your energy is anxious.

Feed him at least a minimum amount of wholesome nutritious fresh food

When you eat well you feel better, you feel calmer, same for your dog. Make sure your dog is getting a varied wholesome diet. It is especially important that your dog has a minimum amount of real fresh food, make him some eggs or fresh meats to add to his diet,  buy him some fresh refrigerated or frozen dog foods.

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For a relaxed intimate atmosphere and coffee with your dog go to:

Brandy’s (Le Plateau)

 www.brandys .ca

For a full service restaurant experience where you can eat good food with your dog beside you go to:

Hot Dog Café (Brossard)

Here’s a short video summary of what flyball is and some of its benefits

You can practice Flyball and agility training in the Montreal area at:

Dogzworth (Nun’s Island)

Auberge Zen   (Laval)

Blue Ribbon Canine (Dorval)

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