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Teddy might be the coolest dog that we work with. He is super quiet and shy and he also has a heart murmur. Teddy can get uncomfortable with loud noises and kids, but he has the sweetest most gentle nature with other dogs and also with people – once he gets to know them. We’ve purposely taken running breaks with Teddy to stand calmly with him near packs of kids on Mont Royal and under bridges at the Lachine Canal to hear the cars rumbling overhead,and also just to watch the bikes race by on the Lachine Canal to help him deal with his shyness. Teddy’s vet said it was ok for us to run with him and we are very careful to make sure we never over do it with him. Teddy’s Mom called us because she knows that running is good for Teddy and will help him live longer and healthier. So far she’s finding he seems to be more alert and less shy since running with us.


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