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Your dog will be happier and calmer. Our programs will increase his endorphin levels.

Your dog will be less anxious and manage better in social situations. We expose your dog to a wide variety of people, places, dogs, and things. Your dog will learn to manage better in social situations.

Your dog’s cardiovascular health will improve dramatically. Vet bills from stress and obesity related causes will be reduced.

Your dog will lose weight and have better muscle tone, especially if you keep him to the same feeding schedule.

Your dog will have reduced risk of diabetes and heart disease, have improved overall health, and  lower stress levels- all contributing to a longer life span.

Your dog will have less separation anxiety. We take your dog out during the day giving him a break from social isolation.

Your dog will behave better. Aggression and anxiety can be caused by a lack of sufficient exercise and/or mental stimulation. Our programs offer you both, including the ultimate form of physical activity for calming your dog and releasing endorphins.

Your dog will be more trainable. Training your dog is much easier after he has had a proper outlet to channel his energy.

With our gps tracking software, you will have peace of mind to know exactly how much exercise your dog enjoyed each day through our post session communications that include a map of the route taken, the average speed and the duration.

You won’t have to go out as much or for as long when it’s minus 30, raining or snowing, we’ve already given your dog a good dose of exercise.

Your dog will have fun while exercising.  All dogs of all sizes love to run.