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A big warm welcome goes out to our most recent first time puppy runners! Aspen from NDG (middle centre and middle right), London and Rose from Downtown, (not pictured), Babi from Westmount (middle left), Ollie from Westmount (top right). We’re going to have a lot of fun this summer! (also featured: Hunter from Saint Laurent […]


Teddy might be the coolest dog that we work with. He is super quiet and shy and he also has a heart murmur. Teddy can get uncomfortable with loud noises and kids, but he has the sweetest most gentle nature with other dogs and also with people – once he gets to know them. We’ve […]


Blue is really fun to run with! Blue’s running style is a slow happy trot with his tail up and tongue out, but 3-4 times per run he gives you a mischievous look and decides he wants to race –full blast–. He’s a rocket.  Blue’s Mom is an extremely active person herself, but enjoys the […]


Lloyd is a beautiful 10 month old Italian Greyhound who can run almost literally forever at a fast pace. Lloyd’s Mum called us hoping that running with Lloyd would help reduce his hyperactivity in the home.  Lloyd’s first run was an hour because it was his first run; we wanted to teach him to walk […]