Our Athletes

Michael Parker

Hi!  I’m Mike!  I love dogs! I’m also a fitness enthusiast/running machine and I take great pride in being able to help you help your dogs to become calmer, healthier and happier. All of our clients have lost weight and all of our high stress/anxiety dogs are much calmer after running with us! We also make sure to help you train your dogs to walk better and will provide you excellent referrals for serious situations.  My promise to you and your dogs is an extremely high quality and reliable service… and a whole lotta fun!



Anya is one of our best athletes and also a talented artist in her spare time. She is also currently attending Concordia University in the Communications program.  Anya is tough. She came to Canada from Ukraine alone at the age of 14 and also took part in the Orange revolution.  There is no dog that Anya cannot handle.



Kristina is a marathon athlete. She has completed 6 full marathons (42.2km races) to date. She loves dogs, so what better way to work with them, then to run with them.  Having trained her own two dogs to run alongside of her throughout her training runs, she will use her same expertise with your dogs to teach them proper running etiquette on a leash and increase their health, cardio and fitness levels. Making sure your dog is happy and healthy is important to all of us, Kristina will make sure your pup is both!